How to read the Union Budget of India?

- CA HEM DOSHI . 224+ Reads


1. Understand the overall economic situation: Before diving into the specifics of the budget, it's important to understand the current economic situation in India, including GDP growth rate, inflation, and fiscal deficit.

2. Look at the allocation of funds: The budget document will provide information on how much money is being allocated for different sectors, such as agriculture, infrastructure, education, and defense.

3. Analyze the tax proposals: The budget will also include details on any changes to tax rates or exemptions.

4. Check for any new schemes or initiatives: The government may announce new schemes or initiatives in the budget.

5. Pay attention to the fine print: The budget document can be quite detailed, so it's important to read through it carefully to understand any nuances or additional information.

6. Look for any major policy shift: The budget also reflects the government's priorities and policy shift.

7. Follow expert analysis: Reading experts analysis on budget can be very helpful in understanding the budget .

8. Keep an eye on the stock market: The stock market can be a good indicator of how the budget is being received by investors and business leaders.

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