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Wanna Quit?

- CA Hem Doshi . 727+ Reads


So The CA results weren't in your favour? 

You studied your heart out and really did expect to clear but you didn’t?
This was not your first time that you felt this, This was not the first attempt.  
Do you feel like you are stuck?

Everyone who is doing the CA course has felt this.

Guess what!  
You are in the Majority. 
With more than 80% of the students in your team. 

No one ever said CA was easy. If it were, you wouldn't have joined it. You joined because it because it is challenging. You tell the world you are a CA and they treat you with respect, You are the elite of the elite, You are one of 4,00,000 CA members in the world.  

When you decide to quit you need to keep the following things in mind: 

  1. You need to have a proper plan for the rest of your life.
     Yes. You need to know what you are going to do next. 
    • You have your dads Business and you want to sit in the throne ? Well be prepared to fight all your life to prove yourself to your employees, that you have it in you. They will take you for  granted and believe that you were privileged hence you were the successor. Without proper educated leaders even multi billion dollar companies collapse. 
    • You want to start a Start up because you have this phenomenal idea and it will change the relevant industry. Let me be practical and sorry to break your bubble but it isnt as easy as shark tank  shows it is. You need a lot of effort to make the product and you need diverse skills such as finance , Marketing,management, IT, communication skills, leadership skills and so on.  If you are a CA doing a Start up you have that added advantage where people will listen to you.
    • Do MBA:  
      Many of you will think of doing MBA and assume that you will  earn a minimum of 12L PA. Well you are right but then that MBA will have to be from a very good college. Also since you already  are  a CA student calculate the ROI. If you want to do MBA from any college, how much will you spend during the course and how much will you earn post that. Also if you plan to do MBA from a very good college then you really need to be the best and score really well in CAT/GMAT.
    • You want to follow your passion: 

      This is a good idea but see the success percentage. How many people in that field are successful.
      What if you are not that talented and become a part of the herd?How much will you earn?

  2. You need to have an idea on what kind of a lifestyle you want and prefer in the future: Have a clear picture as to what kind of lifestyle you want and then back-calculate to how much you need  to earn to have that. Talk to people and understand what is the cost of living and then decide your next move. 
  3. When you feel like quitting think of why you started in the first place. The factors are yet the same. Just that it will take 6 more months to achieve the target. 
  4. It is possible that you might have financial trouble. We suggest you do a part-time job to sustain but don’t quit. Once you are a CA you will 50k per month on average. 
  5. Failure is not Defeat it is just Delay.Have faith in yourself, and give yourself time before you make any decisions. Positive talk can do wonders. Motivate yourself think of what you want to  become and you shall achieve it.  
  6. There are people who cleared in first attempt and are clueless in life and there are people who took more than one attempt and are crossing all boundaries.Your number of attempts don’t define you, but your education does. 

So, DON’T QUIT! You can do this ! If you really want to quit, make sure you have answers to the above questions!  

Wishing you all the best ! 

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