8 Things to look into while making a time table

8 Things to look into while making a time table

- CA Hem Doshi . 854+ Reads



  1. Calculate the number of days
    From the day you start making the Time table to the exam date, Calculate the no of days in hand.

  2. Keep buffer days for times when you can't study (Sick or not in the mood)
    Always keep 5-6 days in the time table for days when you will be sick and just are not in the mood to study or you have a function at home or whatever it is. Keep those days if you use them then good if not then you have 5-6 extra days for regular study.

  3. Identify your weak subjects and your strong subjects
    Always give more time to weak subjects. Give a day or 2 less in subjects where you are good at. Every student has strong and weak subjects, be it practical or theory subjects.

  4. It's about quality and not quantity
    Make sure you understand the concepts you cover. So if don’t have time for 3rd revision then don’t try and forcefully do one at the cost of reading the subject properly the first time. So while making the time table, Always make sure to give ample time the first reading.

  5. Keep time for Paper writing
    After you are done with your 1st reading always keep time for paper writing. Solve atleast 3 papers. I know you might not have the time to do so as 3 papers per subjects is 3papers * 3.5 hours * 8 Subjects = 84 Hours.
    If you don’t have time then make sure you see all the question and answers from past papers. After you do one chapter see all questions of Past papers from that chapter. This is required so you know what ICAI expects.

  6. Do some physical activity-
    Keep 30 mins for some physical activity during your day in the time table.
    Go for a 30 min walk, run , jog whatever you are into- If it’s a sport then stop the sport a month before exams to make sure you don’t get injured before your exams.

  7. Do 2 subjects in a day - One practical and One theory -
    Doing 2 subjects in a day improves efficiency and concentration by 30%. When your brain starts getting tired shift to another subject. You will feel fresh and your concentration will drastically improve.

  8. Do things that make you happy -
    Keep some time in the day or the week to do things that you enjoy, may be a short TV show episode or a quick music break or whatever it is. These things will help you survive in the 6 month long journey.
    Listen to music and upbeat songs that motivate you.
    Let me give you a song recommendation. I used to listen to this to get motivated. "Got it in you" by Banner (Pay attention to the lyrics or read them.)

  9. Bonus:
    It's okay to go off track and vary a little from the timetable once in a while. You cannot always predict the future, So you need to continuously improvise and adapt. But keep your End Goal in mind - Get the prefix CA!

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