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About Vivitsu

Vivitsu is an online e-commerce educational platform which provides innovative educational and knowledge centric services. We provide institutions, teachers and educators a platform to upload their study material and e-learning videos which can be purchased by students either chapter wise or as a whole, hence allowing students the option to customize to their preferences.

Vivitsu is made by students for students and acts as another resource in the learning process. The best classes and your professors have made the best notes for you so that the learning process is made easier. When there already is so much content to choose from , Why not make the most out of it.

We provide you study material from the best educators who specialize and are experts in different fields.
Purchasing / Downloading Related - Students

Yes, you can partially view the content before purchasing. Vivitsu provides a preview feature that allows the buyer to view three pages of the content if it is more than 5 pages before purchasing it. If it is less than 5 pages In case the content is a maximum of 3 pages, then only a preview of one page is available. In case of one page content no preview option is available. ( more than 10 then 3 pages, less than 10 then only 1 page).

You can purchase the notes by adding it to your study shopping cart and then checking out. You can even add and save/store notes in your shopping cart for future purchase.

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