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ca final

RTP's, MTP's, and PYP's are extremely important to ensure that you reproduce ICAI language. These questions train you to understand what is important and what is expected of you. At least 41% of questions* are asked from previous RTP's, MTP's and PYP's.

In this compiler, all questions from the last 3, 5 or 11 attempts depending on the one you have selected will be available. There will be references to the marks and the attempt from which they were asked. Identical or similar questions have been removed and references for both attempts are mentioned.

We have categorized each and every question from all Old RTP's, MTP's, and PYP's into chapters. This means that you don't have to wait until you've completed your entire syllabus to tackle an RTP, MTP, or past paper. You can start solving these questions to check your conceptual clarity right after finishing a particular chapter.

When we reviewed all the questions from the past 11 attempts of RTP's, MTP's, and PYP'S, we didn't just segregate them Chapterwise; we also updated them to reflect the latest provisions. All the answers provided in the compilation are applicable for the May 2024 examination. So, there's no need to stress about outdated or incorrect information.

All old RTP's, MTP's, and PYP's have been organized according to the new syllabus issued by ICAI. This means that if a specific chapter from the old scheme is not included in the new scheme, it has been omitted. If a particular chapter in the new scheme is based on concepts from two or more chapters in the old scheme, it has been adapted to align with how the chapter should be in the new scheme. If a chapter is only partially included in the new scheme, the questions related to those specific concepts are only included in the corresponding chapter of the new scheme. A comprehensive reconciliation of the chapters between the new scheme and the old scheme is provided on the following page.

If you have purchased materials for the May 2024 attempt, you will receive a file with the questions segregated Chapterwise specifically for that attempt.

It could mean any of the following: 1. No questions from that chapter have been included in the selected attempts. 2. The chapter is newly introduced, and as a result, no questions have been previously asked in RTP's, MTP's, or PYP's.

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