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Our mentors provide all the support a student needs while planning their studies.

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Our mentors tailor-make a study plan based specifically for the student.

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Smart tricks on how to study depending on the aptitude of the student.

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Clever Tips on what kind of material, lectures etc. Which would help students to gain a competitive edge

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How to make your time table?
I study everything and read everything yet go blank in the exams?
How to deal with exam pressure?
What to study in those 1.5 days? (For CA students)
What to take care when you give your exam the first time?
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Best compiler for CA finals, as it has all the past papers, RTP, MTP. I found it very useful for my studies as it has chapter wise segregation! They knew our requirements exactly and made this 👏. Delivered within 2 days, thanks vivitsu!
Guru chandar
5 Star
VIVITSU is doing great job at mentoring as well customising books as per our specification. I had talked to Hem and he was really great at advising me for which books to refer and how to approach my studies. Also, Khushbu was my mentor and she helped me plan my studies. Thanks to the team.. great going.. all the best👍🏻
Shweta Panchal
5 Star
Easy customisation and free home delivery makes it very easy for students with specific requirements of what they need to study with no hassle. You bridged the gap between student's time, access, budget & the education system. Great going Vivitsu!
Saloni Doshi
5 Star
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